Parting gift to the school


After asking our fellow students what they would like for the school, we decided on purchasing some new dodgeballs for the school. It has been wonderful to work so hard to improve the school through our weekly meetings and all of the activities throughout the year.

As student council mentor, I have been very lucky to work with such a great group of students this year. I have continued to be impressed at the hard work and enthusiasm the student council have had throughout this year.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us this year, and thank you to the student council for helping to make this year successful.

Mr. McKeen

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Easter and Scooter Wash

Happy Easter everyone!

We really enjoyed playing some games with everyone on Easter activity day and we were pleased to announce the winner of our fundraiser as Rei from Grade 3!!!!!

We also go involved in the scooter wash by selling lemonade and helping to keep the scooter washers hydrated.

Thank you for the support on behalf of all of student council.

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Book donation to the Philippines


Hi everyone! We are really excited to be able to send away some messages to the Philippines along with the books the school is donating. The postage is being paid for by the student council, thanks to all of the support we got for our movie day. It is great to be a part of getting DISK involved in the world.

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Student Council Movie Day!


Hi! The student council would like to thank everyone for supporting the movie. We hope you enjoyed the popcorn and drinks as much as we did!

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Movie Day

The student council is having a movie day for the students. it is on February 24th(which is on Friday.) The movie will be played at the last period of the day and will be played in the gym. The movie will be Zootopia, each student will need to bring $60nt to school in order to buy the movie ticket, popcorn, and drinks for the movie day. The popcorn that you buy may be refilled.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Winners of the CNY activity

Congratulations to Grade 6 and Grade 3 for putting in such great work in the Student Council competition. They made an unbelieveable number of words from the letters in Chinese New Year.

Thanks to everyone for their participation.


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Chinese New Year!

Hi all! We are running a competition for Chinese New Year for all classes. See how many words you can make using the letters in ‘Chinese New Year’. The class with the most words wins a prize! Looking forward to ushering in the year of the rooster!

Student Council

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